Blast From The Popular Past | A Project by Brian Sheil

This website is based upon a major project thesis that was undertaken and completed by Irish music producer, Brian Sheil. For his final year of studying a BA Honours Degree in Music Production, here is what he has completed.

For this major project thesis module, this producer has composed and produced an original piece of music entitled ‘Me On Your Mind’. The time period for the inspiration of this project was from 1982 – 1992. Brian has produced an original song with the recording and mixing limitations that presented themselves to producers and engineers during this period of recording popular music. For the operation of this project, Brian placed himself in the year of 1987.

Brian Sheil, who is the producer of this project, believes that pop music production, and in particular ballad production, reached it’s height during this period. By producing with these limitations, Brian believes that his own production values will improve at a faster rate, and will also serve as a huge learning experience for himself.

For this project, Brian has used Pro Tools solely as a tape machine, and did not use any of the editing features on the digital platform. Any recording punches were destructive, which exemplified the tough decision making process that was employed during the 1980s, but also demonstrating that decisions were actually made at the recording stage during this time.  Because of the nature of this production, Brian has used the Yamaha DX7 MKII keyboard synth as the main driving force behind this track.

Brian’s inspiration for this project came from music producer/ composer Mr David Foster and music producer/engineer Mr Humberto Gatica, both very successful and accomplished producers, who are practicing their art still to this day.


Brian Sheil is an Irish Music Producer from Carlow, Ireland.

In 2012, Brian graduated with a 1.1 First Class Honours Degree in Music Production from University of Central Lancashire/ Windmill Lane Recording Academy/ Pulse College.

Blast From The Popular Past | A Project by Brian Sheil